Troubleshooting Page

Installations with Package Foundry installers usually proceed smoothly. In some cases problems can arise, however, and we outline some possible resolutions below.

Transfer Problems

If you are having trouble connecting to your FTP server, check your internet connection. Try disabling any firewall you have installed to see if that is causing the problem.

If the installer is unable to upload files to the server, check to see whether the server's disk is full. Often the server will return a response indicating that the disk is full, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Try restarting the installer. If the installer is now not able to connect to the server then there may be a connection problem, or problem with the server.

Loader Installation Problems

Usually IPF is able to install Loaders automatically on your server. Sometimes, however, this is not possible. You can download Loaders with included installation instructions from this page.