FTP settings Page

The following is a screenshot of the FTP settings page of a sample installer created with the ionCube Package Foundry.

    Settings Page

The installer uses FTP to upload the application to your server. The FTP Login group of fields receive data which allow the installer to connect to the server. Enter in FTP Server Address the name of the server (the FTP host), for example ftp.mysite.com, or else the IP address of the server if you have that information. Enter the username and password for your account on this host.

The Package Installation Path on FTP Server group contains fields which determine where on the target FTP server the application will be installed. All the application files will be saved in the package folder (my-webapp in the example shown). The package folder will be created inside the folder specified by the Package Install Folder field. This latter field should be the full path to the folder from the folder which is opened when first logging on to the FTP server (the FTP root).

Pressing the Browse button displays the following dialog:

FTP Browse for Folder

If the installer finds a folder likely to contain web files, such as public_html or www, it will be highlighted.

Pressing the Advanced button displays the following dialog:

Advanced FTP Settings

One problem with FTP transfers is that a lot of time can be taken setting up a file transfer before any data is actually sent. This procedure has to happen for every file sent. This installer can improve matters by using several connections at once. Multiple transfers are prepared simultaneously, although only one file is actually sent at any one time. The FTP Pipelining group controls the number of connections to use in this way.

The Custom Package Folder Name section allows you to change the name of the package folder. You can also delete the package folder if you want all files to be uploaded to your FTP home directory, for example. Some applications require a certain name for the package folder, and in this case the section will not be displayed in the installer.

Most FTP servers use port 21 for their control connection. A different port number can be entered in the FTP Port section.