This tool takes a folder or a list of files, and uses them to create a 'self-extracting archive' Bundle as a Windows executable. Upon execution, the Bundle extracts the embedded files, and has the ability to trigger a predetermined executable if required.


The following image shows the user interface for the ionCube Bundler.

ionCube Bundler
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To add files or a folder, simply drag the item from the Windows Explorer onto the Bundler dialog.

The ionCube Bundler can run in two modes, corresponding to the Allow user to choose destination folder for extraction checkbox. If this checkbox is left empty, then files will be extracted to a temporary folder, otherwise the user will be prompted for the folder to extract files into.

Triggering Programs

After extraction, the tool can automatically run a program contained in the extracted files. If the files were extracted into a temporary folder, they will be deleted once this program has been closed.


A typical use for the Bundler is as follows: a setup.exe file is produced with a third party tool, and depends on external files that must be bundled with the setup.exe. A suitable bundle is created by dragging the setup.exe and external files onto the Bundler window. The Run a file after extraction box is checked, and setup.exe entered as the corresponding path.